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Cygnet Programme Information for Parents and Carers

A parenting support programme for parents and carers of children and young people aged 5-16 with autistic spectrum condition.

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PAT-P Preschool Programme

PAT-P | Parenting Autism Together—Preschool ProgrammeSurrey County Council

What is PAT-P?

Parenting Autism Together – Preschool Programme is a six week programme for Surrey parents and/or carers of preschool children with autism. PAT-P provides parents and carers with information to support their understanding of autism, strategies to support their child at home and an opportunity to build a network of support with other members of the group.

Is PAT-P for me?

After your child has received a diagnosis of autism you might feel that you need some more support and advice. Attending a PAT-P programme gives parents and carers an opportunity to develop their understanding of autism and to look at practical solutions to managing behaviour.

What does PAT-P cover?

The PAT-P programme comprises of 6 sessions, with 12 hours of delivery.

Session 1 — Overview of Autism for parents of preschool children
Session 2 — Communication & Interaction
Session 3 — Learning and social interaction through play
Session 4 — Sensory Needs
Session 5 — Behavioural Needs
Session 6 — Supporting Daily Activities

What are the aims of the programme?

  • Introduction to autism strategies to use at home
  • Provides parents with a network of support and a forum to ask questions and share experiences

Who can attend PAT-P?

PAT-P is for parents and carers who are Surrey residents with a preschool child that has a diagnosis of autism. Carers can be anyone with direct involvement with your child e.g. grandparents, uncles, aunts, shared carers or foster carers. It should be noted that a representative from your child’s preschool or a childminder can attend the programme with a parent / carer.

Where and when does the group run?

PAT-P is run regularly within Surrey by experienced practioners. Sessions are held locally on the same day each week and each session lasts two and a half hours. Please contact us to find out when our next courses are running in your area.

Do I have to attend all sessions?

You will gain a lot more from coming to the group if you come to all the sessions because each session builds on the one before. Please do not accept a place on a programme if you don’t feel you can commit to the whole course.

Do both parents have to attend the sessions?

We encourage parents and/or carers to attend the sessions together so as everyone benefits from the information. However this isn’t always possible and we understand this.

Is there a cost to participating in the programme?

There is a £30 voluntary contribution to the course. The course is funded by Surrey County Council for Surrey residents meeting the criteria.

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Register your interest in PAT-P by filling in the PAT-P Preschool Programme Registration Form.

Family Support

Along with the Local Authority, we run various support groups to parents of children with a SEN requirement.

Some of the courses we run are as follows:

NAS (National Autistic Society) EarlyBird Programme (preschool age) – this is a 10 week course for parents to attend to help receive strategies and advice for any issues which may be arising


Barnados Cygnet Programme (age 5-19) – this is a 6 week support programme is designed for parents and carers of children with autism with the additional option of a professional from the child’s school attending


Fathers ASD Awareness course – course designed for Fathers of children with ASD to provide greater understanding about the support & approaches needed to support the individual with autism and the family


For more information on any of these courses or to register your interest, please email

Parent/Carer Programmes

Support for parents and carers of children with Autism consisting of 2 main areas as follows:

  • PAT-P (Parenting Autism Together—Preschool Programme): A six week programme for Surrey parents &/or carers of preschool children with autism
  • Cygnet: A parenting support programme for parents and carers of children and young people aged 5-16 with autistic spectrum condition

We provide training and courses in the above areas. Have a look at our course calendar to see what we offer. Alternatively, if you would like training that we don’t currently offer, please get in touch.

About Us

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  • Cygnet Programme

    This has given me the tools to help with my child’s communication

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    The support of the other group members is really valuable

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